Two Finches




James McDonald is a recognized authority with over 25 years of experience in the field of exotic birds and animals, having sold approximately a million birds during that time. Not only has he been successful in breeding many different types of exotic birds and animals, but he built a very profitable nationwide wholesale distributorship of exotic birds. He has given lectures on breeding and raising exotic birds to veterinary classes at Texas A&M University and has spoken at numerous seminars and events throughout the country, including symposiums at such places as Purdue University. James has authored many articles on the subject of exotic birds and has been written about in newspapers and magazines, and he has appeared on television and news programs featuring the exotic bird business.

Having been raised on a farm, his love for animals came naturally. But that farm background also taught him that it was extremely difficult to make a profit with animals that you sold by the pound, because most of those animals consumed so much costly feed that by the time you got them up to a marketable size, there was very little profit to be made. Hence, he looked for something that was not a fad, that had a good history and a solid track record behind it,, that had a strong demand and could be sold by the head and not by the pound. Exotic birds were the answer. They had a high profit margin and you sold them when they were babies. Through the years he has willingly shared his extensive knowledge of exotic birds and has been instrumental in helping many people to build a profitable business with the various species of pet birds included in the following pages.



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