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This book was written as a practical guide for those interested in breeding parakeets, cockatiel, finches and lovebirds and marketing them for a profit. It makes no difference if you are sixteen or seventy six, male or female, live in the city or country, if you enjoy the wonders of nature and have a sincere desire to be in business for yourself, this book was written specifically for you. It is not written in some technical jargon or academic terminology, but in an easy to understand style with plain and simple down to earth language.

The need has long existed for this type of material in the pet bird industry. Although there is a limited amount of material on breeding cockatiels, parakeets, lovebirds, finches and other pet birds, it is directed primarily towards the hobbyist, and there is absolutely no viable material on the marketing of pet birds that I am aware of. This book is different. It is written for the person who wishes to make a good income while building a solid business at home doing something that they truly enjoy. The utilization of the ideas and techniques in this book will mean that you are learning from other people's experiences. This can dramatically shorten your learning process, and that is the only practical way to grow, as it is too frustrating, too time consuming and far too costly to learn everything from personal experience. By adhering to the techniques outlined in the following pages, you will capitalize on our 25 years of experience in successfully breeding, buying, selling and shipping of exotic birds for profit.

While it is a little known fact, the commercial production of pet birds is a well established business that is well over 100 years old. It has thrived and grown right through the great depression, many recessions, and numerous wars. Now, it is poised to become even stronger in the future. As a result of the Wild Bird Conservation act passed by Congress, USDA now limits the amount and types of wild caught birds that can be imported into the United States. This has created an overwhelming demand for people to raise domestically bred pet birds.

Whether it is your goal to make $2000 monthly on a part time basis, or $50,000 yearly on a full time basis, we show you how to breed the four most popular types of pet birds and where to sell them. Once you get the feel for the business, you may elect to become a nationwide wholesaler/distributor of pet birds and go for the really serious income north of $100,000 annually. We show you how and where to build those markets.

Will Rogers once made the observation that, “In order to succeed, you must know what you are doing, like what you are doing and believe in what you are doing”. It is estimated that almost 80% of the working population reluctantly go to work every day. It’s not that they are a lazy people. They are simply uninspired. They either don’t like their working environment or what they are doing. And that is tragic if you live in America. The amount of immigrants, many of which are uneducated, that come to our country flat broke and in a few short years become successful business people, is staggering. The way you see life will largely determine what you get out of it, and they see life in America as one big opportunity. This book will make you aware of the great opportunities to make some extremely good money while being self employed in an enjoyable occupation in the pet bird business. Very few people lack the ability to succeed in this business if they are willing to work at it. It’s simply not a hard business to learn.



Not The Ending, But The Beginning

While this chapter represents the ending of the book, the preceding chapters have given you the information needed to start a new beginning in a business that can be enjoyable and extremely rewarding. You have seen that there is nothing scientific or complicated about raising parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds or zebra finches. It is a simple, fascinating and rewarding way to either supplement your income or to make a full time living. The pet bird business is a well established business that is over 100 years old. It has not only survived, but it has thrived right through the great depression, too many recessions to list, as well as a number of major wars. It seems to thrive regardless of the condition of our economy. History has shown that people will spend on pets in good times as well as bad times.

I personally know people who have set up in the bird business and used the income to send their kids through college. I have known retired people who were able to enjoy a better lifestyle during their older years as a result of their birds. I have known handicapped individuals who were able to make a contribution to their lively hood as a result of the bird business. The bird business has helped many moms stay at home with their preschool kids. I knew these people well, I was their buyer.

I would not consider myself as an above average person in intelligence or ability, yet I was able to succeed and do extremely well in this business. Although I do not know you personally, I believe that if you possess enough intelligence to have read this book that you can accomplish the same things that I and others like me have done. While we have given you the information needed to succeed in breeding parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds or zebra finches for profit, as well as the details on how to become a wholesaler/distributor of pet birds, the decision what to do next will have to be up to you.

This is a simple, yet little known business that has a huge potential. It can offer you a richer, fuller, more enjoyable life. This is America, the land of opportunity. You are the one who sets your limits. Aim high.


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