4-5 week old parakeets...

They are ready to sell at 6 weeks of age.










Three Finches



“My husband had became disabled and we were looking for something that I could do for additional income that would enable me to stay at home with him. We researched the bird business and decided that it was something that we could both do. We started with one small building breeding parakeets, and because it proved to be profitable and we enjoyed the business, within a couple of years we expanded our operation with a second larger building and also began to breed finches. The McDonald’s were very helpful in showing us how and what to do as we built our business, and we have never regretted getting into the bird business.”

Myrtle Clemmons

“We started in the bird business because we were needing something to do after we retired. We started out very small, raising parakeets, and expanded our breeding building twice. It was very profitable and provided additional income for our retirement years, but in addition to that, it was good for us because it gave us something to do. James and Brenda McDonald were very helpful in getting us started, and they were our buyers for the 12 to 15 years that we were in business. Because of age and health reasons, we are no longer in the business, but it is something that we would recommend for anyone wishing to make extra income.”

Nathan and Era Rawlings

“My husband had 5 or 6 separate family members who had been raising birds in the Wichita Falls, Texas area for quite a few years, so we knew that it was a profitable business before we got into it. I was a beautician, but I liked the thought of raising birds because it would allow me to be at home with my two young boys. We started out with 100 pair of parakeets and through the years gradually built up to 600 pair. The bird business proved to be very profitable for us. Many years our income would range from $40,000 to $50,000 yearly. It turned out that I made much more money raising birds than I did as a beautician, plus I enjoyed the benefit of staying home with my young children. A few years back, the profits made in the bird business were used to build us a new house. After having raised birds now for 22 years, I can truthfully say that I have absolutely no regrets about being in the business, have thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys animals and is looking for a way to make income at home. The McDonalds were our buyers and we had a very positive business relationship with them through the years.”

Joyce Van Huss

“I entered into the bird business in 1977. We went to visit a friend who was raising parakeets, and before we left my husband told me that we were not going to buy even one bird. However, after our visit, even before we came home, we had arranged to buy 100 parakeets from them. We were looking for some type of business that we could start that would supplement our retirement when we reached retirement age and the bird business looked promising. We have never regretted getting into the bird business and have expanded several times. Although my husband and I provided the labor, the bird business paid for the materials that were used in building our new home. Now well into retirement, the bird business is still a very profitable business for me”

June Vannoy

“I became interested in the pet bird business as a result of an uncle who was successfully breeding parakeets. For many years we sold our birds to McDonald Bird Farm, who in turn shipped them all over the nation. They were very helpful and instrumental to our success. Even though we only raised birds on a part time basis, the bird business provided the funding to send our daughter through Baylor University in Waco, Texas.”

Jimmy Box
Vocational Agriculture teacher

"Since 1983 gross sales from aviculture enterprises in Navarro County has grown from $100,000 to $350,000 annually. Over the years pet bird production has generated millions of dollars of income for the local economy and has helped to diversify agriculture in the county."

Mike Gage
County Extension Agent - Agriculture
Texas Cooperative Extension - Navarro County

“I can make more money with 100 pair of good parakeet breeders in a year than I can with 100 head of mother cows. By the time I figure my cost of the land, the cattle, the fencing, corrals, barns, tractors, trailers, hay baling equipment and veterinary bills, I cannot clear as much money per year with my cows as I can with my birds. Plus, I don’t have to get out in the winter weather with my birds like I do with my cattle.”

Dr. Lano Barron, retired
Agriculture Professor
Navarro College

“I worked in the data processing field and my husband was a news editor for the Associated Press. I was getting tired of the rat race and wanted something that I could do at home. My parents had raised parakeets for 30 years, so I was aware of the pet bird business. After I had been raising birds for a number of years, my husband retired and we expanded our business by building a second aviary. Our bird business has been profitable, as well as something that we have thoroughly enjoyed. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone wishing to have a profitable home based business. Including my parents, bird raising has been in our family for over 50 years.”

Jenny Kellum
Data Processor

“We were approaching retirement age and were looking for some type of home based business that we could get into in order to supplement our income. James McDonald had ran an ad in the newspaper stating that they were needing people to raise exotic birds to help meet the nationwide demand. We investigated the business and determined that it was for real. We started raising parakeets with one building and within 5 or 6 years had expanded our operation to include finches, and had built two additional buildings. Our bird business has not only been profitable, but enjoyable as well. The McDonalds were very knowledgeable and helpful to us, and we would recommend the pet bird business to anyone looking to generate income from their home.”

Ronald and Betty Tucker

“Many years back we became interested in the pet bird business because of our desire to earn extra income with some type of a home based business. We have never regretted getting into the business. McDonald Bird Farm was very knowledgeable and helpful in getting us established in a profitable business that we have thoroughly enjoyed.”

Douglas and Barbara Thompson
Mechanic and housewife



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